Using the Blockchain for Counterfeit Vaporizers and Cartridges

Using the Blockchain for Counterfeit Vaporizers and Cartridges

In the past decade, cannabis has had on a hockey stick growth adoption rate. Each state has either decided to go through legalization with either recreational or medicinal marijuana. The states that haven’t done it yet have mentioned it before. Cannabis legalization has proven to be beneficial for everyone, even those that don’t use it. The taxes from the purchase of it goes to either public schools or roads.

With the rise of cannabis legalization and use, ancillary products have started being used too. Marijuana can be smoked, vaporized, ate in edible form and much more. Smoking requires lighters, rolling papers, or a pipe. However, vaporizers are the new technological advancement and they contain everything you need in one. But what happens when you start getting counterfeit devices?

What are Vaporizers?

Vaporizers or vape pens are simply the newest technological advancement for smokers. You have probably noticed more people are blowing clouds of vapor in the air rather than puffing on a skinny cigarette stick that smells horrible. The days of cigarette smoking and smelling horrible are long gone. There are multiple types of vapes from weed vape pens, dab pens, and e-Cigarettes.

A vaporizer is an electronic device that is either used to help quit smoking or to deliver the active ingredient in your favorite materials through a better alternative. Instead of lighting up a cigarette which consists of over over 400 chemicals which over 70 of them are carcinogens, you don’t have to inhale all the byproducts. Simply forego this and vaporize your product so you can inhale vapor. The vapor is created by heating up the surface of your material with a precise temperature. Most vapes let you control the voltage or temperature at which it heats up too. Just like cigarettes, you can find vapes at your local smoke shop.


One of the most common forms of vape pens are pre-filled THC cartridges. These are the top cartridges on the device that gets screwed into place on top of the 510 thread battery. Recently, these cartridges have been the topic of attention. They provide a great discreet way to vaporize your THC oils and get the effects instantly.

The Rise of Fake Vaporizers

With the rise of one industry and the demand going up, you tend to see the supplies and products increase. This also usually means there are more people trying to become vendors, retailers and sellers. With an unregulated industry like vapes and cannabis, many vendors or shady dealers will be cutting a lot of corners to save time and money. One of those is with in these weed cartridges. Many of the recent cartridges were found to contain Vitamin E Acetate which isn’t meant to be heated and inhaled. It doesn’t fully break down so it gets stuck in your lungs, making it really hard to breathe.

There are big companies that have been making these THC cartridges for a long time. Their business has been getting crushed by people buying from the wrong vendor. These big companies are starting to become more legit by changing their packages and making sure people can’t make fake versions.

How the Blockchain Can Help?

Blockchain is known as the public ledger that everyone can go back and check everyone’s work. You can also track everything in the supply chain from seed to sale. That means from starting its creating to the final product, everything can be tracked. This can be perfect for thesefake cartridgesthat have started to become more prominent in existence.

With seed to sale, everything will be scanned into the ledger and shown to the public. You can check when it was created and where.


Packaging is going to be the first part of the product that you see. This will be the main giveaway if its fake or not. Learning what the real and the fake version are, is super important. There will be major differences but with the blockchain, you can use a specific key and check the validity.


Unless there is a neat new way to get the key onto the product, you usually won’t be able to track the actual product. However, some vaporizers can use barcodes.