Will Monero (XMR) Continue to Hoodwink the Bears at Regular Intervals?


Monero price had a great start to the month of November though the crypto market continued to show a bearish outlook. However, in the strong bearish pressure, the price of the XMR coin slid below the baseline after November 20. The one-month price movement indicates the fluctuations happening between $47 – $64.

Monero Price Prediction

XMR price seems bent to recover from the ongoing bearish phase, and the currency managed to keep its price in the upper range for the most part of the past 30 days. The price of Monero began on a good note as it stood at a high of $59.7497 on November 08. The upward momentum for XMR coin continued, and the price reached $64.3543 on November 15. However, the bears got stronger from here, and the Monero price went on a continual downslide, even moving below the baseline at $47.0741 on November 25. Still, XMR managed to bounce back and reached $56.0246. Today the bears have managed to get the price lower at $54.6620, showing a downward variation of 2.43%.

XMR Price Chart

As per the current trend, Monero is trying hard to break from the bearish grip and succeeding at intermittent intervals. It may hold its momentum in the coming days. Experts are confident about the ability of the XMR coin to bounce back and be on its earlier momentum by early 2020.