Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC to Continue with the Sluggish Run


Litecoin has been making huge progress regarding its privacy features. Notably, David Burkett, the designer of Grin++ says, working with Litecoin author Charlie Lee is paying off. Grin++ is a wallet for the protection arranged cryptographic money.

$47.33 was LTC’ s price on November 29, 2019, with the bullish stance. It managed to soar up and shown a growth of 4.22% on the same day. On November 30, the coin was trading at $48.68. The coin dropped by more than 6% on December 1, resonating with the market. Since the past 2 days, the bears have been maintaining a strong hold on LTC which is prevalent today also.

Litecoin Price Analysis

LTC Price Comparison and Future Forecast:

Considering LTC’ s price trend since December 2, 2019, it is presently showing a downtrend of 6.52%. It is expected to continue with the downtrend tomorrow with prices reaching $43.75. In a time gap of a week, it may be valued at $58.11.


Litecoin has been trading on a mixed note since the end of last month. Since December 2, the bears are controlling the coin. In the long term, LTC can yield better results as it may reach above $70 by December 2020.