Ankr Teams Up with DIA to Offer Cross-Chain Data Oracles

Ankr Teams Up with DIA to Offer Cross-Chain Data Oracles

Leveraging the excellence of blockchain infrastructure to support Web3 resources’ deployment, Ankr has announced its strategic partnership with DIA – a powerful open-source, oracle solution focused for DeFi development. The integrating parties will joint efforts to leverage access to blockchain-powered data across several chains securely. The news was circulated in the crypto media via the Ankr team on their official Twitter handle in a post stating:

According to the post, DIA (Decentralized Information Asset) network will strengthen Ankr’s node module by providing access to a multitude of data points through its Oracle tools. The teams will use their expertise to curate scalable and user-friendly cross-chain data oracles for seamless functionality. They emphasize carving new products and improving the existing product range’s potential to cope with the fast-growing oracle market’s requirements.

Interestingly, oracle solutions are fast evolving as a strong player in the crypto world. Oracle is a bridge that helps blockchain or smart contract build a connection with external data. It is a link between off-chain and on-chain data and statistics. In the DeFi space, the importance of a secure and reliable oracle network is vast as the investors require transparent data for making decisions. DIA and Ankr will build nodes across several chains to fulfill the DeFi space’s data requirement. The collaboration will play a major role in enhancing Ankr’s B2B product range with an intention to cater to the requirements of the oracle-based data in DeFi.

Chandler Song, CEO of Ankr, stated that DIA would help Ankr in understanding the requirements of the oracle domain. He added that being a partner, DIA will aid them in responding to the fast-emerging needs of oracle and DeFi-based projects.

In the beginning, DIA will set up nodes for Bitcoin and Dash coins. The oracle suite will make the crucial data available to the users. This will include information about transaction size, volume, hash rates, block height, circulating supply, block size, etc. The team will expand its coverage to other tokens in the coming months as well.