ASB backs blockchain startup’s $2.7m raise

Auckland based startup company TradeWindow has raised $2.7 million in a seed round, in which ASB bank owns a stake of 21%. TradeWindow sells SaaS (Software as a service) supply chain solution to eliminate all the complex components in an export or import order.

This makes ASB bank, the second-largest shareholder of TradeWindow after its founder AJ Smith. The seed round also saw the New Caledonia-based Leroux office and their Auckland-based partner Te Hana consulting. ASB bank is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, operating from New Zealand that provides a wide range of financial services including business, retail, fund management, and insurance, to name a few.

This partnership with the ASB bank focusses on helping the companies to get a single dashboard that will have all the elements starting from payment gateways to insurance to regulating customs paperwork.

At the launch, AJ Smith said,

AJ Smith said

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