Binance USD Reflects Recovery After Recent Decline

Binance USD News

Recently, BitTorrent Inc.- a leading organization in peer-to-peer protocols and products, announced integration with the leading crypto exchange Binance to add its BUSD as a payment option to buy BitTorrent and µTorrent Classic Pro. Binance USD has become the sixth currency to be accepted by BitTorrent after TRX, BNB, BTC, BTT, and OKB. It has been offering a 25% discount on crypto-based Pro purchases as well.

Binance USD Price Analysis

BUSD/USDT price movement has been moderately volatile over the last month. On June 22, the coin was trading at 1.0014 USDT. Over some hours on the same day, it fell to 0.9998 USDT. On June 25, the price of Binance USD managed to trade above 1 USDT and touched the highest point of the month at 1.0025 USDT.

The next few days till July 09 were volatile. With a hefty price movement, the BUSD price reached 0.9995 USDT. Then the currency marked slight escalation. On July 16, it soared high to 1.0018 USDT. However, after hitting 1.0018 USDT, BUSD traded under strong bearish hold as it persisted the down trendline till today.

At the press time, the price of Binance USD spotted at 0.9986 USDT. The MACD reflects a bullish crossover due to recent recovery. If it can manage the current momentum, the next few days might reflect some decent growth. However, investors should not completely rule out the chances of value depreciation.