Zilliqa Marks the Sign of Improvement After Hitting $0.017

Zilliqa News

Zilliqa is marking a moderate improvement today. As per the latest market update, Zilliqa Mainnet has completed the upgrade of the Version v6.3.0. The company made an official announcement on the twitter handle.

Additionally, Zilliqa has built a platform for fintech applications. They aim to meet the rising needs of the application. Zilliqa is basically known for working on public blockchains by using sharding techniques. The same helps the main blockchain into smaller units so that the transaction process becomes more effortless and efficient.

The objective is to give the applications ability for building protocol to have high-throughput transaction volumes. The same makes fintech an ideal application. It would allow large involvement of on-chain transactions alongside trading assets amid investors at high daily volumes.

Zilliqa Price Analysis

The month-long price movement of ZIL/USD is reflecting the volatile trend. Starting from June 24, the coin was at $0.0193. The price slipped beyond the immediate support level at $0.0163 was quite near the next support level but couldn’t breach the same. The price of Zilliqa improved immediately to the pivot point at $0.0187. However, the currency continued to trade at the same level until July 04. Later, the ZIL coin managed to reflect improvement that helped it to breach the immediate resistance level at $0.0203.

From July 08 to 14, the currency locked around the same level. However, the market pressure stroked, and the price of Zilliqa fell to $0.0180. Today, the currency is marking improvement, and the MACD is also favoring the current trend.

We are anticipating that ZIL/USD would breach the immediate resistance level at $0.0203 in the impending period. In case, market pressure increases, the currency might stubble to $0.0163.