Bitcoin (BTC) is Moving Strongly Toward the Next Bull Run, Shown a Hike of More Than 8% in a Week

Bitcoin BTC

The central bank of the Netherlands is planning to keep an eye on the crypto sector in the nation. The move will help in mainstreaming the crypto sector. After the law becomes effective, the crypto operators will have to register with the central bank of the Netherlands to continue operations.

Bitcoin Price Comparison and Forecast:

Bitcoin Price

On 10th August, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading around 11,860.69 USD. However, today after 25-days, the value of the altcoin has gone up by a substantial margin of 11.22%. In a weekly chart, however, BTC price has shown a strengthening of 8.64% from the trading price of 9,704.38 USD on August 29.

If you look at the intraday chart of the coin, it made a hike if more than 2% and is moving strongly toward the green zone. As of now, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 10,804 USD and additionally, the support level is at 10,376 USD.

The regulation on cryptocurrencies is happening all over the world. One thing is clear that various nations have started to take cryptos seriously. As far as trends are concerned, BTC will surely give good returns to the investors. You can buy or trade in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Trader – An automated trading platform. For more details, Go thorugh Bitcoin Trader Platform Review.