Dogecoin (DOGE) Shows the Steady Movement in the Cryptomarket

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Dogecoin Price Analysis and Forecast:

Let’s analyze the price variation of the coin over a period of 25-days. In that context, Dogecoin was trading at 0.00296859 USD on August 10. However, today, the crypto has gone down by 11.35%. Nevertheless, in the weekly trading, it showed a hike of 4.58% from its earlier price of 0.00251577 USD on August 29. Yesterday’s trading was a kind of flat one for the coin. On the previous day, Dogecoin opened at 0.002598 USD and with a marginal decline of 0.12%, wrapped the day at 0.002595 USD.  For now, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 0.002692 USD and support at 0.002528 USD.

Dogecoin (DOGE) has strong community support and a dedicated fan base. Some tweets from various celebrities over a period of time is enough for the coin to come in the news. Recently, a new update of the crypto has been released. As of now, the coin is facing a bearish trend, but it will surely give some good returns once the market correction occurs.

Dogecoin Price