Bitcoin has Surpassed the $10,700, Moving Strongly Towards 11k Mark

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Bitcoin Price Analysis & Forecast:

On August 12, the Bitcoin price was trading around $11,428.03. However, today, BTC is trading with a decline of 6.22% from the price of 12th August. In the weekly chart, the coin has shown a bounce-back of 11.33% from the trading price of $9,621.98 on August 31. BTC has shown a flattish action in yesterday’s trading. After opening at $10,588.18, it managed to wrap the day at $10,575.53 with a marginal decline of 0.12%.

In the last two days, Bitcoin faced a bit of resistance. However, BTC will trade around $15k by the end of the year. As of now, the immediate resistance for the coin is at $10,768.85 and additionally, the support level is at $10,518.87.

Bitcoin Price Chart:

Btc Chart

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