Will Ethereum Price Continues to Reel Under the Bear Pressure?

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency on the blockchain network has been affected by the volatility surrounding the crypto market. This has affected the investment decisions of its community. With the bears still going strong, the price of Ethereum is showing a lot of variations in the range of $169 – $181.

Ethereum Price Analysis & Forecast

With the bears controlling the crypto market, ETH coin has shown a lot of fluctuations over the past five days. From a low of $169.22 on September 01, the price of Ethereum rose to $180.827 on the next day to the extent of 6.86%. On September 03, ETH price fell to $175.810 to the tune of 2.70%. Within 13 hours on the same day, Ethereum price did recover to the extent of 3.14% at $181.167.

On September 05, the price had fallen to $170.921 to the extent of 5.66%. Today, ETH price is at $176.416, which is higher by 3.22%. Though the bears are still at large, ETH is trying hard to regain lost ground as seen from the price trend over the past five days.

Ethereum is still reeling under bear pressure and trying hard to regain its momentum. As per the past data and analysis, Ethereum price should be able to bounce back by the year-end.

Long-term investors can invest on the basis of the future potential of the ETH coin though market volatility should not be ignored.

ethereum price chart