BitTorrent Trades Laterally After Hitting 0.00036 USDT Mark

BitTorrent (BTT) News
  • BitTorrent added BUSD as a crypto-payment option, along with BTC, OCB, TRX, and BNB
  • It has moved through moderate volatility over the last 24 hours
  • The next resistance seems possible around 0.00038 USDT

BitTorrent has recently added Binance’s stable coin, BUSD, as a crypto-payment option. As per the recent announcement, BitTorrent users can now buy BitTorrent and µTorrent Classic Pro with Binance USD (BUSD). After this recent addition, BitTorrent now supports six crypto payment options such as Bitcoin (BTC), BTT, Okex’s OCB, TRX, and BNB.

BitTorrent Price Analysis

BTT opened the day at 0.00038 USDT, and over the initial 9 hours, it was dragged to 0.0003778 USDT. This bearish trend continued further, and the value reached the bottom of the day at 0.0003662 USDT.

However, the next few hours witnessed a slight improvement in the value. By 18:00 UTC, the price of BitTorrent was able to touch 0.0003790 USDT. From there, there have been immense price swings.

BTT price currently trades around 0.0003748 USDT, and its MACD shows a bullish crossover. The next price target for BitTorrent should be the point of resistance around 0.00038 USDT. However, the journey up to that point may include a few sudden price movements.