Dogecoin to Continue Its Volatility Due to Bear Presence

  • Dogecoin price for the past one month shows a lot of downward variations due to the continual market pressure

Dogecoin has undergone a lot of price fluctuations since the beginning of the year. Though it had maintained a steady upward momentum till June, with the entry of bears, the price had to bear a lot of volatility. The one-month price chart for DOGE indicates price oscillations mostly in the downward range and below the baseline. The price moved in the range of $0.0021 – $0.0029 over the past one month showing the bears are in full swing in the crypto market.

Dogecoin Price Analysis

The price of Dogecoin did not have much to cheer as seen from the one-month movement. From a high of $0.0029 on September 18, the price went below the baseline at $0.00205 on September 24, and the downward movement is to the tune of 27.65%. Dogecoin improved a little and rose to $0.00251 on October 1, and the rise is to the extent of 22.09%. With the bears continuing their onslaught, the price once again went spiraling downwards to the extent of 12.35% at $0.00221 on October 7. The market brought some respite for DOGE price as it went up to $0.00256 on October 13, rise being to the tune of 15.99%. Today, Dogecoin’s price is at $0.002578 showing a flattish movement in the price.


DOGE price is still embroiled under the grip of the bears in the crypto market, and there seems to be little respite for it. The price has undergone a lot of fluctuations mostly in the lower range since the bears set in the crypto market. The current trend in the market is expected to continue in the short term.

Long-term investors should hold on to their current investments since the market is still bearish and showing huge volatility. Day traders could gain if they time their investments wisely.