Bitcoin Cash Price has Dropped by 3.37% Since Yesterday

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash price was dealing with the bear from the last couple of days. The entire market dribbled with a huge volume. The drop was washed all the price recoveries which took place in the few weeks.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis & Forecast

The market opened with a downtrend again. There was not much hope of recovery from the coins today. Contrary to everyone’s belief, the altcoin market started moving upwards after the opening hours. We are anticipating that Bitcoin Cash would also trade above the baseline in some time as the coin is at a marginal loss if compared from the opening price.

Yesterday, BCH coin opened at $291.20. Bitcoin Cash price fell immediately and touched $282.86. The drop was of 2.86%. Further, the coin fell once again. The price counters changed from $286.96 to $277.15 by 3.42%. The intraday regression was of 3.37% as the coin closed the day at $281.34. Today, BCH coin opened with a fall. BCH coin price slipped from $281.34 to $270.41 by 3.87%. Later, the Bitcoin Cash price recovered from $270.41 to $280.54 by 3.74%.

We are speculating that the Bitcoin Cash is likely to close the year around $300. We would suggest the traders go for long-term investment. It is anticipated to bring a colossal profit to the traders.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis


BCH price chart is taken from TradingView on 30th August 2019, at 09:42:10 UTC for BCH price analysis.