In China, Cardano Foundation Appoints Ryan He to Serve Needs of the Community

On September 11, 2019, considering the needs of the community, the foundation appointed Ryan He in order to strengthen the growth efforts of the Chinese community for the position of the new Assistant Manager.

In Shanghai, China, Ryan will develop a localized strategy and improve the Chinese community engagement with his blockchain marketing experience. He will work with the Global Community Management to advance the community in China. He will promote Cardano and make their brand stronger in China. He will work with strategic partners, IOHK and EMURGO. He will guide the Community Management team in scaling the Chinese-speaking Cardano community.

The general secretary of the Cardano Foundation, Hinrich Pfeifer, said that they are committed to the Cardano community of China. They will continue their international expansion. Ryan is experienced in building communities as he has worked as a community manager in his previous organization. His dedication will give power to the position of Cardano in the Chinese-speaking world. With the global community strategy, the needs of the community will be fulfilled when their team will grow in China.

If we talk about Ryan, he is a native of Shanghai, China. He is well educated and has a degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education from the Shanghai International Studies University (China). This was the information related to his studies, but he had good working experience as well. Previously he worked for many companies and communities. It was reported that Ryan He was a Community Manager at Blox before joining Cardano Foundation. Blox is a cryptocurrency accounting company. Before Blox, he worked in JCDecaux and China Telecom as a Digital Marketing Specialist. It is also reported that he was also a Community Ambassador of the NXT blockchain.

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