Grin Community Proceeds to Integrate Mimblewimble and Nervos

Grin Community proceeds to integrate Mimblewimble and Nervo

Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that has been created to improve the fungibility and privacy of the blockchains. It was first published in July 2016 under a pseudonym that was the French name of Voldemort in Harry Potter! The technology is considered to be a breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrency privacy. Several experts quickly assembled that led to the formation of the Grin community. It is a community-driven project that has been successful in advancing the Mimblewimble protocol. The Grin General Fund that has been set up is continuously making contributions for the overall advancement of the Mimblewimble protocol and the Grin platform. 

The Grin community has announced plans to support the Mimblewimble protocol on the Nervos. The users of Nervos, with the help of Mimblewimble technology, can transact privately using CKB or any tokens supported by Nervos without publicizing the amount of exchange and the participants. 

The Integration of Mimblewimble and Nervos is an important step forward as it will throw open opportunities for future offerings that will be built on this technology. The core development team of the Nervos and Grin Community are moving ahead with the technology and also investigating the possibilities for cross-chain connectivity between the two. 

The development plan is spread across three phases, which include Schema design, technical specifications, and implementation, and all these should be 7 to 8 months minimum. The first phase is in progress right now, and all the community members are busy exchanging ideas and knowledge so that all these efforts become a reality one day. The public channel wherein the exchange of ideas is taking place will serve as the primary communication bridge between the two communities. 

The Nervos Foundation has been proactive in setting up a separate grant fund for interoperability solutions between Nervos and Grin and for the infrastructure. Both the communities are excited about the advancements made in the Mimblewimble technology.