OMC Group Introduces Omni Pets to Make Blockchain Easier for You

OMC Group Introduces Omni Pets

OMC Group, the blockchain arm of AIO Synergy, has offered a fun way to learn about blockchain through an enjoyable game that involves collecting tradeable digital tokens with the launch of Omni Pets. The Omni Pets is being offered to the public as a unique way of introducing them to blockchain technology. The process of learning involves an element of fun as it consists of a game collecting token that can be easily traded. The digital pets come in 16 designs that cover physical characteristics such as eye and body type with different colors and patterns. There are limited editions too that are available for special occasions. Gold coins, a kind of in-game currency, can be sued to purchase the pets. The gold coins are priced at USD 1 per coin, and these can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ether, OMCoin, or US Dollar Tether.

The CEO of the OMC Group is very excited about this development. A token duly represents each Onmi Pet in the blockchain, and he believes that people will be able to understand the concept of blockchain in a much better way. The people will get an opportunity to collect and trade digital assets. In case you are wondering, the Omni Pets are digital tokens that have been created with the help of the ERC-721 standard. The tokens are all unique. They are much different than ERC -20 standard that is used to create cryptocurrencies. As many as 200 unique digital tokens are offered each week that come in the form of eggs. The pets need to be taken care of as soon as they are hatched as the trading value will only rise when they are happy and satisfied.

Apart from Onmi Pets, ERC – 721 can be used to tokenize assets like art collections, jewelry, and property. It is widely known that blockchain technology creates a trustable form of ownership for digital assets, and Omni Pets helps in this regard.