Loopring Exchange Lists GRID Tokens to Build a Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

Loopring Exchange Lists GRID Tokens to Build a Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

The Loopring exchange, which is an open-sourced non-custodial exchange protocol supporting ETH and ERC20 tokens, has announced to list the GRID tokens (powered by GridPlus) to build a secure blockchain infrastructure.

It is the only zkRollup DEX (decentralized exchanges) that can give a fierce competition to high-end trading performances of centralized exchanges.  The integration of the GRID tokens will also help the GRID users to get the support of zkRollup DEX of Loopring for a small gas subsidy in GRID.

GridPlus is a renowned GUI (Graphic user interface) builder that builds hardware infrastructure to enable mainstream use of various digital assets through a hardware device called the Lattice1. The Lattice1 is a newly designed crypto hardware wallet with ultra-secure features that can withstand even the professional level of intrusions and hacking. It is an integration of a mini-computer and hardware wallet with an intuitive touchscreen to perceive the commands.

The announcement of the integration of GRID tokens with the Loopring exchange is a step forward to reduce the hurdles faced by the customers to use the GRID tokens. Loopring exchange allows its users to trade faster without worrying about the ETH gas fees while maintaining self-custody and control of assets all the time. Users from now onwards will be able to deposit GRID tokens to this high-speed Ethereum DEX (Loopring) for free.

The GRID tokens allow the customers to consume 500kWh of energy at wholesale prices without any markup. The integration of GRID redemptions on the Loopring will help the customers to purchase GRID on the Loopring exchange, without incurring any further costs while redeeming the GRID tokens for energy.

Loopring exchange is also working as a payment app wherein every user can send Ethereum or ERC20 tokens to any other on the zkRollup platform in a secure manner. Loopring has also planned to integrate the Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution of zkRollup directly into the GRID redemption process to allow many speedy transactions related to products and/or services.