Open Application Network is pushing a Blockchain Platform for App Development

Open Application Network is pushing a Blockchain Platform for App Development

The Open Application Network (OAN), an initiative of Aion, has launched a blockchain platform, Open App, to develop applications. The main aim of Open App is to enable developers to build their own open applications.

Open Apps are programs that give users full control and can be accessed across all platforms. Developers can also use this program to peg into existing platforms to develop a new innovative experience.

This software aims to allow the creation of a common, neutral infrastructure for all the shareholders that include consumers, creators, and third-party stakeholders throughout platform ecosystems. Open App provides developers with the tools to test, authenticate, and commoditize standards of ownership. It also helps to create new business modules for better inclusion of all the stakeholders, along with ensuring transparency and a secure way to share capitals where the business demands.

The company started this initiative as they found that platform business, though, is producing outcomes for the stakeholders as planned, but it is also creating unintentional negative consequences. Three most prominent problems which plagued the platform’s business are:

  • Ownership and responsibility of the management of user data, payments, security, data, and compliance is unclear and varies from platform to platform. It is mostly used to settle disputes between stakeholders. However, when the question of privacy compliance comes, the ownership is very conveniently put on the shoulders of third-party developers.
  • The incentive system across platforms is misaligned. This means the decision to enhance the experience of one stakeholder has a negative impact on the other. Most often, platforms do not have the proper standards or procedures to resolve these misalignments. Future platforms that find out a way to govern these misalignments will help ensure a better balance between the shareholders.
  • Services and functions that are being sold by the platform should possess commercial viability. There is no practical way of managing and funding public goods and services inside these ecosystems.

Open Application Network began operations in 2016, as a blockchain company. Since their beginning, they have showcased tremendous potential to transform the world with this innovative technology. It is now an open-source project with the mission to solve the consequences of platform economies that were not foreseen earlier. The public blockchain that the company is trying to build is only a part of the solution, but with this solution, companies can develop an open application in hours rather than months.