Sessia To Revolutionize The Market Through Blockchain Cashback Service

Sessia To Revolutionize The Market Through Blockchain Cashback Service (2)

New York-based Sessia has shared their vision for the upcoming years and how they expect to change the marketing industry through their platform, including the various strategies they hope to employ. The Sessia platform is a new type of Blockchain-based economy, in which businesses can promote themselves and interact directly with their customers.

Despite the rising surge of new technologies and various other methods of advertising, the marketing industry has largely remained unchanged over the past few years. While this would have been considered inconceivable in the past, it has now become a reality that all companies employ the same methods to promote their business; and only a select few are trying to open new paths to connect with their customers. As a company at the forefront of innovation in customer interaction and marketing, Sessia’s application promises to represent the next surge in big marketing strategies, leaving behind traditional methods for newer techniques that allow businesses to connect with their clients and meet their needs directly without the need for a middleman.

Narek Sirakanyan, Founder and President, Sessia, said,

Narek Sirakanyan, Founder and President, Sessia, said

What Sessia has to offer through its application is a place where brands (partners) can conveniently create an online store with a built-in system that grants digital tokens to their customers, also known within the platform’s economy as “kickbacks.” This allows their customers to register the purchases and earn currency that they can exchange in the future for other goods and products from the same company or even other Sessia partners.

This has had a positive impact on business owners, especially those in the local market. New York-based aesthetician, Blondis, is leveraging the power of Sessia and has seen exceptional results. Blondis has seen an uptick in their referral business of 6.2% within the first month of being on the platform. Though these are modest gains, the company intends on leveraging the social blockchain platform to further garner customer loyalty and referrals.

Sessia notes that the best part about this space, and the most revolutionizing, is that users can earn these kickbacks passively, by collecting a percentage of their friends’ purchases that were made upon their recommendations or product reviews. This motivates users (or as the company calls them, ‘kickers’) to recommend different products and goods to their acquaintances, effectively promoting different brands and earning more currency to spend on goods from Sessia partners. In turn, this increases the company’s customer base and reach a minimal cost.

Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages that the Sessia platform offers is the ability to remove all intermediaries between a company and its customers. This allows companies to spend what would originally have been their marketing budget on rewarding their most loyal followers on the platform with cryptocurrency cashbacks that are interchangeable anywhere in the world. The price of these kickbacks will depend on the number of registered Sessia partners that exist at any given time, and users may consult the kicks valuation on BitForex before they trade their tokens.

Despite having only recently launched their platform, Sessia has already shared some success stories from partners who claim they have managed to connect with their customers on a meaningful level since they joined the platform. One of these stories comes from Yulia Koroleva, Director for Marketing, Vision International People Group, said,

Yulia Koroleva Said

The company’s website includes more information on how the Sessia platform works, and interested parties may contact Narek Sirakanyan of Sessia to make any inquiries. Furthermore, the company invites users and blockchain enthusiasts to follow Sessia on Facebook, where the company regularly shares news and information that may be relevant to their partners and clients.