Vinamilk Selected TE-FOOD’s Blockchain Technology for Solution to Track its Product

Vinamilk Selected TE-FOOD’s Bockchain Technology for Solution to Track its Product

Vinamilk, one of the biggest dairy organizations in Southeast Asia, selected TE-FOOD, to implement a blockchain-based traceability solution that is adaptable to Industrial grade. Further, the partnership has earlier executed TE-FOOD’s solution around summer 2019 to track and follow its new premium newborn formula product, which was named Vinamilk Organic Gold.

Moreover, this implementation refers to a significant traceability use case to impart the value of the prime quality of its food products. Besides, Shoppers not only get access to the traceability information but also the information about nutrition facts, certifications, information about ingredients, and also interesting information about how much time the herd had spent on the field and so on.

After the implementation success, Vinamilk chose to incorporate the 100 percent Organic Milk item, the first-ever organic milk in Vietnam, which got the EU Organic Standard accreditation. The greatest challenge of the venture was product serialization, which is to print unique QR codes on every milk carton on the industrial scale.

With 2.2 billion USD yearly income and more than 6000 employees, Vinamilk is one of the biggest dairy organizations in Southeast Asia. Moreover, its product portfolio incorporates powdered and liquid milk, nutritious cereals, yogurts, ice-creams, and beverages, which are sold locally in Vietnam and traded in 40 different nations.

Vinamilk is the fourth most important publicly traded organization in Vietnam. As the rapidly developing working-class requires greater clarity concerning the quality of their food, Vinamilk chose to act proactively to provide clear information about their items.

TE-FOOD is the world’s biggest publicly available, farm-to-table food traceability solution. Established in 2016, TE-FOOD serves more than 6000 business clients and deals with 400,000 business transactions every day.

Furthermore, TE-FOOD implemented an industrial printer manager solution, which permits to print individual QR codes on the items on the conveyor belt, while interfacing the QR code serial to the history of that item. Buyers of Vinamilk can check the QR code on the item, and can learn about its history, or can read a FAQ about it.